Ce sens mai are sa traiesti, daca nu ai pentru ce, daca s-a scurs si ultimul motiv pentru a ramane in viatza, pentru a exista?


4 Responses to “Sfarsit.”

  1. the point is you have to create another reason to live for. it is as simple- complex- as that. isn’t it?

  2. …hm!

  3. temptation dreams Says:

    @Henry… imagine that you’re too tired for a new start (created, searched or found).

  4. I understand that temptation. Have you ever found yourself in a situation in which there is no sense in you living any more? I have, and I’m still here. I know this depends a lot on each person, each individual has its own limitations. I’ve been trough hell literally. And I’m a very limited person. It can’t be that bad. Nothing is that bad so you want to say that you don’t want to live any more, out loud.

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